Mechanism Of Action

Primary Driers

Auxiliary Driers

Instantly Applicble


These are metalic salt of Nephthenic acid, 2-ethyl hexnoic acid and Cekanoic acid blends, they are extremely soluble in all the usual vehicles and thinners. These driers have amongst others, the following advantages:

  • Improve effeciency
  • Reduced risk of weighing errors
  • Optimal metal proportions
  • Simplefied production process
  • Uniform quality

In order to meet individual needs, the mixed drier as per customer specification is also offered.

  • Aurums Mixed CoLC
    Cobalt 1%, Lead 10%, Calcium 2%, A mixed drier with a broad application field. usage level 4.8%.

  • Aurums Mixed CoBZ
    Cobalt 1.2%, Barium 7.2%, Zinc 3.2%, A mixed drier with universal application possibilities.

  • Aurums MixedCoML
    Cobalt 0.75%, manganese 0.75%, Lead 11%. Usage Level : 4-8%

  • Aurums Mixed CoBZi
    Cobalt 1.2%, Barium 7.2%, Zirconium 9%. Usage Level : 0.8-1.2%

  • Aurums Mixed CoZiC
    Cobalt 1.2%, Zirconium 6% and Calcium 3% Usage Level : 3-7%