Mechanism Of Action

Primary Driers

Auxiliary Driers

Instantly Applicble


Priliminary metals are required to be available as a carton when desolved in the oil. All active driers metals are polyvalent and function as oxygen donors by an oxydation-reduction mechanism. This is partly true as it is not clear why enhanced activity is shown by mixtures of driers or why some appear to accelerate oxydation and other polymerization. The modifying influence of univalent metals such as Zinc and Calcium must also be considered. Studies have shown that driers metals have a marked effect upon hydroperoxides formed during early stages of drying and also upon the development of conjugated unsaturation. Main effect produced by driers is shortaining of induction period i.e. the film begins to absorbed oxygen earlier after application then if no driers were present. Secondly rate at which oxygen is absorbed is geratly accelerated leading to gelation or solidification of the flim at a lower oxygen content then in the absence of driers. The oxygen absorpton attained after drying is also lower. The combined effect causes to reduction in drying time. The various metals do not have the same specific effect on the drying process including both oxidation and polymerization. Some metals such as lead accelerate polymerization whereas like cobalt act as oxidation catalyst.