This is the CAALYST for the polymerization of saturated polyester resins.

Aurums MEKP consists of technical methyl ethyl Ketone peroxide mixed with dimethyl phthalate to a solution containing 50% peroxide.



: Clear colorless liquid

Specific grvity

: 1.13 +0.01

Peroside assay

: 50 0.1 %

Active Oxygen Content

: 8.5 0.1 %

Flash point

: 100

Exothermic decomposition point

: 68 - 70C

Critical Temperature in unsaturated Polyester

: 80C

Explosivity and Stability :-
Pure MEKP is highly explosive and it is not possible to prepare or use this pure compound. It is therefore incorporated with different types of plasticizers like DBP, DEP, DMP etc. According to research report from foreign institutes, DMP is most suitable as it can reduce MEKP's explosive nature totally.Hence the product remains nither explosive nor does it have any detonation properties. It is however, inflamable and therefore contact with open fire, other sources of heat and sparks must be avoided. In order to prevent violent decompositions initiated by a chemical reaction, it should emphasized that contamination of any kind must be avoided, perticularly contact with organic matters such as amine accelarators and some metal salt and oxides such as cobalt acceletarors, iron rust etc. Other cheaper plasticizer can be used to reduce the cost but they do not make the product totally safe.

MEKP slowly disintegrates even at room temperature and evolvs oxygen very slowly. In our product we used newly invented stabilizer by which it becomes more stable.

Physioligical Properties :-
When ever a droplet of an organic peroxide enters the eyes an oculist should be consulted without delay while waiting for the eye to be treated, it should be washed with plenty of water or better with a freshly prepared 5% sodium ascorbate solution or a 2% sodium bicarbonate solution. Peroxide splashed on the skin should be removed by means of alcohol followed by washing with soap and water followed by application of suitable ointment (eg. Lanoline)

Application :-
MEKP is principally used as catalyst for the polymerization of unsaturated polyester resins at room temperature, combined with an accelerator at a temperature upto 80C. Cobalt is the form of Cobalt Octoate is most suitable accelerator in this case.

Direction For Storage of MEKP

  1. Store in a cool Place (25C max), do not expose to direct sunlight
  2. Contact with open fire and other sources of heat should be avoided.
  3. Contact with accelarators, stabilizers, metal soap should be prevented by storing separately.
  4. Contact with iron rust, copper and other metallic compounds and objects should be avoided.
  5. Keep packing close and rough handling should be avoided.