Mechanism Of Action

Primary Driers

Auxiliary Driers

Instantly Applicble


  • Aurums cobalt direr
    This is the most active of the dirers. It effects rapid surface dring. An excessive amount of cobalt however, reduces the water resistance and increases the risk of wrinkling. It is bright bluish violet in color but looks dull pinkish violet if anion portion is replaced by vegitable fatty acid or extracter Cobalt from Cobalt alloy scrap is used.

  • Aurums Manganese Drier
    This is also an active drier generally less than cobalt. As an accelerator of the polymerization in baking finishes. manganese is usually more effective than cobalt. It is pinkish light brown in color.

  • Aurums Iron Drier
    This promotes drying in polymerization and is therefore used in baking finishes where a dark color is not oblectable. In air drying lacquers, iron is used to eliminat tacking, which is caused by a high percentage of non-drying components such as fish oil. It is blakish brown in color.

  • Aurums Cerium Drier
    This is for backing finishes for overprint vernishes where color retention is vital It is also especially useful with alkyd and epoxy resins, or in a combination of these with amine resins. It is light straw in color.