This product is widely used by lubricant oil and grease industriy, but two major difficulties are found during production of the material. One is Pungent smell at the time of production packing and handling and other in removal of hydrogen sulphade gas from the product, which is the main cause of corrosive type products. We are taking the following measures to remove above mentions problems.

  1. Our starting oil is made available from seed-crushing procedure (ghani) instead of solvent extraction. As a result, we do not have any residual solvent contamination in the final product.

  2. Contamination of hydrogen Sulphide and sulpher dioxide gas is strictly avoided by running the whole operation under nitrogen atmosphere.

  3. The corrosive hydogen sulphide gas tat is produced during the reaction is efficiently removed by effeciently using a specially designed scrubber and vaccum pump. So HYDROGEN SULPHIDE contamination is kept absolutely minimum and our final product is totally NON-CORROSSIVE. It is redish brown viscous liquid compatible with all lubricant oils.


Sulpher content : 8-10%
Density at : 0.9875 gms/ml. To 0.9893 gm/ml.
Corrosion test as per ASTM's copper strip test shed card. : (1 to 2B )